Joint-STOCK COMPANY «WESTLINK GROUP of COMPANIES» was founded in 1992 as the management company of the holding and includes LLC «WestAge» and LLC «LinkAge», whose main activity is the development of computer software, and LLC «L.Centrix» that opearates a telephone call center. The group's branches are located in 10 Russian cities, the number of employees of the company exceeds 1000.

JSC "WESTLINK GROUP of COMPANIES" is a participant of the project that forms and ensures the work of the SKOLKOVO innovation center under the program "Strategic computer technologies and software".

The efforts of the Westlink Group of companies are aimed at building a family of products that provide an accessible environment for digitalization of all types of activities, wide application of artificial intelligence, data analysis, predictive Analytics, and automation of decision-making in various fields.

Clients of the Westlink Group are companies operating in various sectors of the economy, namly retail and wholesale trade, logistics, telecommunications, Finance, mass media: Otto, PONY EXPRESS, Rostelecom, Mobile TeleSystems, VimpelCom, YOTA, Tele2, Tinkoff Bank, Gazprom-media, HBO and many others.

Solutions and services

westlink / lynkage

Software solution

Westlink Group of Companies develops digital products under the Lynkage trademark.

LYNKAGE Framework is a modular software platform that combines components of corporate infrastructure and implements artificial intelligence to automate business decision-making.

Lynkage Framework is remarkable for its innovative methodology of automated interpretation of business processes decomposed elements, results of decisions of managers and actions of employees into monetary data format.

The Lynkage FW economic model automatically convertes quantitative and qualitative business indicators into a monetary measure that allows to recommend proper actions and decisions at any given time which supposes reaching the best economic results of the organization, given different time periods.

The Lynkage approach significantly improves the speed and accuracy of predicting the consequences of managers' decisions and employee actions at all levels of the organization.

Currently three product groups have been created based on The lynkage Framework modules.

Lynkage Navigator is a customized configuration of Lynkage FW and an assembly of software products for automating business decisions in the field of sales and service systems management, including internal and outsourced contact centers, remote divisions and remote employees.

Lynkage AutoLynk is a customized configuration of Lynkage FW and an assembly of software products for automating business decision - making in the field of logistics business process management, efficiency of use of human and transport resources, territorial distribution, geozoning, solving the "traveling salesman problem" and controlling warehouse balances.

Lynkage Workstation is a convenient hardware and software solution for organizing secure remote workspaces for employees within the corporate management and control automation ecosystem built using the Lynkage Framework. There are three versions of Lynkage Workstation: a hardware and software version named “the box", a version with access via a web browser and a version with access via a mobile app. All three versions are designed to work with sensitive and personal data in accordance with the requirements of Federal law N 152-FZ "on personal data" dated 27.07.2006.

The use of the lynkage Navigator and lynkage Autolynk product Assembly meets the need for complete end-to-end digitalization of key business processes of companies engaged in remote sales and customer service with subsequent delivery of goods or services. It also allows you to build a new level of control over the effectiveness of employees and the quality of management decisions.

Additional use of hardware and software solutions for the organization of secure remote workplaces-Lynkage Workstation allows companies without reducing the level of corporate information security and while maintaining full operational control of business processes to perform rapid reallocation and optimization of labor resources by giving employees the opportunity to work remotely or at home. At the same time, companies can not only save significant financial resources by reducing direct operating costs, but also benefit from the territorial redistribution of jobs.

westlink / l. centrix


The Westlink Group of Companies has all the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide the following services:

Implementation of proprietary Lynkage products in an "as is" format based on the SaaS service model.

L.Centrix also has its own sites that provide business process outsourcing services in the areas of sales and customer service located in 6 cities of Russia with a total about 500 employees. Every month we contact more than 2 million customers. The company has the competence to work in various business sectors, such as the maintenance of logistics services, the sale of services in the telecommunications, insurance and banking sectors. The main customers of the company are such major Russian brands as Tele2, Net By Net, Renaissance Insurance, Tinkoff Bank, CDEC, OFD.RU, Otto, NTV + and others.

Customizing products of our own development is aimed at meeting the needs of a wide range of Customers and takes into account different possibilities of budgets for digitalization and requirements for the existing infrastructure and data processing. The customization policy of the Westlink Group of Companies includes conducting audits of the Customer's business processes and information systems, changing the information visualization system, dashboards, and automated user workstations in accordance with Your requirements and our experience in creating user-friendly interfaces based on both the latest achievements in ergonomics and knowledge about the features of cognitive perception of visual and audio information.

Development of software products for the benefit of Customers, including the use of artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, speech recognition and synthesis systems, big data analysis systems, predictive analysis, assistance and full automation of decision making.

Services for leasing technological infrastructure resources (Contact Center Hosting) for a modern high-performance contact center based on the SaaS model.

Analysis of Big Data accumulated in various information systems and external networks while working with Clients in order to build marketing hypotheses and subsequent use the results obtained in the business processes of sales and customer service.

By using Lynkage solutions and services of the Westlink Group of companies increasing the economy of almost any of Your projects, and moving to new business models of the digital age.

Lynkage solutions and Westlink Group services allow you to increase the economy of almost any of your projects and move to new business models of the digital age.

The interests of the company / In Focus

WestLink's strategic interests lie in the areas of Industrial Artificial Intelligence, IoT and predictive analytics.

WestLink has developed and is testing a new cloud-based business system that includes artificial intelligence built on neural networks by groups of companies.

The system allows to automate the implementation of routine decisions basing on a preventive analysis of several development scenarios and business impact in a company with a large number of employees and flows.

AI in the field of transport logistics, accelerating and reducing the cost per unit of delivery
Data markup technology for rapid training of speech robots for maintenance projects
Automation systems
Commercialization of Big Data for telecom operators for the purpose of increasing the sales funnel
DPI analysis systems and the creation of products based on them
Technologies that allow launching new VAS services on the networks of telecom operators
WestLink Group is looking for partnerships to develop our products, make more deployments of our solutions worldwide and establish worldwide competences.

Some Telco & Media Projects

WestLink, being one of the oldest telecom market players in Russia, was a founding member of:



the first GSM mobile operator in the North-West Federal Region of Russia, which was later reformed into MegaFon. MegaFon is the 2nd largest mobile operator in Russia (77.3 million subscribers). WestLink sold its MegaFon stake in 2004



the first Russian VAS (value added services) provider, InfoMedia. The company was established in 1999, provided information and other services to subscribers of major Russian mobile operators (VimpelCom, MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems) all over Russia and was sold out in 2014.

Other major projects of WestLink:

The Raoul Wallenberg Children Foundation International (Foundation) was established in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1991. The Foundation team, in cooperation with the Swedish charitable organization Young Lives (Unga Liv) under the leadership of Alexander Nyago, supplied children's homes and hospitals with humanitarian aid worth more than $ 3 million. The core of the Foundation team became the secretariat of the NW-GSM consortium and WestLink Ltd, the founder of mobile phone giant PJSC Megafon. Later, Mr. Nyago became CEO of NW-GSM (the predecessor of Megafon), then Telecominvest holding company and later the head of TVEL corporate group, the nuclear fuel manufacturer.

In 1992, a similar foundation was established in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. It was also the beginning of cooperation between the Russian Foundation and the Russian State Pedagogical University named after Herzen (Herzen Pedagogical University). The President of both the Funds is Mr. Kesarev E.D. In search of support, as the president of both organizations, Mr. Evgeny Kesarev repeatedly visited the administration of President Bush Sr., the State Department, charitable foundations and influential US officials. The activities of the American Foundation continue and are connected with the issues of early education of children and the production of films about Raoul Wallenberg with the goal of educating the children in humanity.

The Russian Foundation has initiated and implemented several educational programs, including "Basics of Communication", "Know Yourself", "Your Heroes", provided the Institute with Internet, with the help of PJSC Megafon funded the training of students with disabilities.

About the University and the Institute

In 1993, the Russian Foundation and Professor of the Herzen Pedagogical University, Lyudmila Mikhaiylovna Shipitsyna, founded the Raoul Wallenberg International University for Family and Child (University). The name of Raoul Wallenberg opened the doors for international cooperation. The Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology of the University (Institute) carried out the orders of the Ministry of Education for the development of methodological guidelines and teaching aids on current topics of special education. Specialists of the Institute worked with victims of the hostage drama in Beslan. Mrs. Shipitsyna created a scientific school and hundreds of works were published. About 10,000 specialists were trained. In the late 90's, the Institute had branches in 15 regions of Russia, later abolished in connection with changes in the legislation.

Decrease in the number of graduates from secondary school and educational reforms conducted in recent years have led to the exclusion of private higher education institutions from the market of educational services. As of September 2018, the Institute has the faculty of additional education, a secondary school and a kindergarten for children with severe neurological disorders. The main activity of the Institute is the training of specialists in the educational sphere in particular in the field of special education and psychology. This applies to children with various special needs, learning difficulties and talented children. The Institute also prepares specialists in the field of prevention of the use of psychoactive substances, anti-social behavior and marginalization of the younger generation.


A look into the future

We believe that the future is for a personified education that takes into account the uniqueness of each child. Today, technical means allow the registration and analysis of large volumes of objective information related to the child's psychomotor reactions, behavior, communication, and receptivity to information. We are open to cooperation with IT companies for the purpose of carrying out complex studies related to the development and implementation of new "digital approaches" to the educational process, including artificial intelligence technologies. We are for implementing the program "Basics of Communication" in the general educational process. In addition to improving communication skills, this program provides children with elementary knowledge of psychology, psychiatry and medicine.

The name of Raoul Wallenberg, the history of the Foundation and the University are an important resource in international cooperation.